Settling In and Transition

Taking the next step into Reception

Starting full-time school is an important and exciting step in every child’s life; at Crown House we are committed to making the adjustment to school as happy and smooth as possible for your child. In the Reception Class, we continue the learning journey towards the Early Learning Goals as set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. 

We treat every child as an individual; learning experiences and the teaching of key skills are tailored to enable each boy and girl to achieve, and to develop the underlying skills needed for future learning. Educational visits, curriculum themed days and visitors to the school enrich our learning opportunities.

In our classroom you will see a range of focused learning activities that cover both National Curriculum subjects and the seven areas of the EYFS. The children will explore more structured learning including specific English and Mathematics lessons.  Our aim is to enable the children to become confident, self-motivated learners prepared for a smooth transition into Year 1. We aim to create an environment where children; enjoy positive interactions and reciprocal relationships with the teachers and other children, develop key concepts in English and Mathematics that build the foundations, become actively involved in investigative learning and to begin to acquire the skills in critical thinking, creativity and working with others. 

French lessons continue in Reception as do lessons in Music and PE taught by specialist teachers. The children enjoy weekly visits to the school library. Learning objectives are woven appropriately through some self-initiated learning as well as more structured learning opportunities. Lessons are differentiated so that all pupils are appropriately challenged in their learning.

"Children blossom in the early years, and their behaviour and personal development are exemplary."