Friends of Crown House

We are lucky to have the support of The Friends of Crown House, our PTA, as they contribute a lot to the school and do fantastic work.

The Friends of Crown House provide a valuable link between pupils, staff, and parents, immersing families into the lives of the school. All parents are automatically members of the PTA, and the Committee is involved in organising a wide variety of events throughout the school year.

They aim to make fundraising fun, inspiring our pupils to develop a conscientious and community attitude. Regular events include:

  • Summer Fete
  • Christmas Bazaar
  • Film Nights

The PTA is very effective, and we are so lucky to benefit from the annual fundraising. This money is put towards pieces of equipment to enhance school life, ranging from sporting equipment to playground toys. The Friends of Crown House work hard to ensure that our pupils receive the most stimulating and exciting education possible.

Please contact the office to enquire about how to make a contribution to the efforts of our PTA.